Self Confidence Secrets

One of the biggest problems people with low self confidence have is facing new and unfamiliar situations, which is why many times they get stuck in a rut, in a comfortable and familiar surroundings, whether it is where they are living or where they are working, the thought of going forward is scary.  The thing these types of people need to know is that they HAVE to make that first step in order to build their confidence and get to where they want to be in life.  Here are some ideas to help you make that first step to total self confidence:

Get to know yourself: If you’re going to learn how to effectively deal with people, you must be aware of where your strengths and weaknesses are, socially speaking. When you know what your positive traits are you’re in a good position to use them when connecting with others. This lets you know what you can offer to someone else besides just the pleasure of your company. Discover your strengths and how to best use them.

Step outside of your comfort zone: It’s natural for people to be more comfortable staying where they’re most familiar. However, if you don’t push your own boundaries a bit, you’ll become stagnant. You must get out and try some new things and meet some new people. Develop new skills and join new groups for different activities. When you learn new things and discover that you can do them well, your confidence will benefit from a definite boost. You’ll also have a new forum where you can express yourself.

Follow through with your plans: Go through your Things to Do List and figure out which listings you can complete and cross off the fastest. Just starting to finish things that you’ve wanted to do will immediately help you think more highly of yourself. Don’t depend on others to help you and stop letting yourself get caught in the shadows of others. As you complete things on your own, your reputation improves and your self-confidence builds.

Learn to accept and appreciate the person that you are: Explore your own little idiosyncrasies and figure out how to handle them. It’s also helpful if you can look for ways that you can use your individuality. You may be very surprised at the way others react to your unique traits. For instance, something you may have deemed an irritation may actually be endearing to other people, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. When you can become confident with the person you are and the skills you have, you’ll be well on your way to having the self-esteem that you always wanted.  If you’ve got some traits and habits that you can’t change, then you need to use them to your advantage as long as you’re not encroaching on the territory of others.

The thing you need to remember above everything else is to love yourself. If you can do that, you can accept everything about yourself, which will go a long way to building your self-confidence.


About Heather Wilde

Since founding MindPower Life Coaching in 2018, I have been offering life coaching to clients who want to develop the self-awareness and confidence to create mindful and meaningful lives. Mindfulness & Forgiveness are my way of bringing awareness, loving kindness, abate the causes of suffering and bring a sense of community to my students. Taking you by the (virtual) hand I will work with you to help understand your personal values, strengths and life purpose and assist you to become the best version of yourself. My qualifications are: certified life coach, certified forgiveness coach, certified weight-loss coach and certified mindfulness teacher. I offer various services including private coaching sessions, group coaching, Woman to Woman groups and Webinars as well as Online courses. I foster a compassionate environment in which students can learn what is important and true for their own body and mind, whether that be physical strength, mental calmness or something more. When not coaching, I can be found looking after grandchildren, at the pub singing in a music duo with my partner or preparing clean living meals. ♥

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