How Hearing The Right Words Can Change Your Life!

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Have you ever been talking to someone, or listening to a radio show or watching a TV program and someone says something that just hits home, makes so much sense you wonder why you had never heard of it before or even thought of it yourself? It happens, in the blink of an eye one sentence or phrase and boom you know exactly what you are suppose to do or be doing or where you should be in life and how to get there. It’s amazing how it usually happens right when you need it most. Sometimes reminding yourself of these words is all you need to give yourself a boost.

The words you’ll use to boost your self-confidence aren’t the words spoken to you by others. These are words that you will write and speak to yourself. They’re called affirmations and can be some of the most effective means in raising the self-confidence of someone. Affirmations are easy to create and even simpler to put to use.

To begin with, target the areas of yourself and your life that you’re not quite happy with or you feel needs some improving.  For instance, if you’re not pleased with something about your appearance, focus on something that you ARE happy with. Maybe you feel that you need to lose a bit of weight but you have a very pretty or handsome face. Focus on that beautiful smile. Then, every morning when you get up and before you go to bed every night, look at yourself in the mirror and say something along the lines of “I have a very beautiful smile and it is this smile that people will see when they look at me. My beautiful smile will draw the people I want into my life.” Of course, you’ll want to make it more personal, but you get the idea.

These affirmations are necessary in helping you to remember that there ARE some very attractive qualities about you and that those are the ones that you need to focus on bringing out to the forefront. When you’re positive about something and can use that positivity, you’ll find that people will WANT to be around you because you produce such great energy. In other words, draw attention away from the fact that you may be packing a few extra pounds, for example, by showing off that great smile and your warm personality. People flock to that sort of thing.

Haven’t you ever noticed those great looking guys that are partnered with women that are less than a 5 on The Scale? Those women may not be physically beautiful but they’ve found a way to bring their inner beauty to the outside. You can do that as well. All you have to do is a little mind work. Write down affirmations that apply to what you’re trying to accomplish. These can be recited as often as you wish or feel that you need them. The more positive energy that you put out the more that will come back to you. Soon, you’ll only be aware of that gorgeous smile and that extra weight will be a secondary concern that you can take care of when you have a chance. This can work the same way with whatever you want to change about yourself.

Subliminal messages on your pc

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